Zero Knowledge Proofs in the Trinsic Platform with BBS Signatures

Header graphic with the words: Zero knowledge proofs in the Trinsic platform with BBS signatures

Introduction to Zero Knowledge Proofs It’s no secret that zero-knowledge proofs are one of the biggest buzzwords in technology right now. With constant hacks and user data leaks, innovations that can enhance our privacy without hindering user experience are desirable. The idea behind zero knowledge proofs is that you can prove a statement is true […]

Issuing W3C Verifiable Credentials From a SQLite Database

This post is a technical guide on how to connect a database to a W3C verifiable credential issuance workflow with the Trinsic SDK. Many existing companies who build IDtech products look for a way to get user data from a database into a verifiable credential format. Since we’re still early in verifiable credential adoption, tactics […]