Supercharging the IDtech Category: Trinsic’s Vision for the Future

A yearly update from Trinsic’s CEO on the decentralized identity market and where Trinsic is heading next It’s been about a year since our funding announcement and we’re excited to share what we’re seeing in the decentralized identity market and how it has influenced our product direction going forward. Brief history of Trinsic In 2017, […]

Trinsic Releases IDtech Product Market Map

People often ask us: What are examples of IDtech products? Normally, we end up sharing a list on Twitter or a few screenshot examples on a call. We figured it was time to more formally share our perspective on the top IDtech products in the market. And so, we created the IDtech Product Market Map […]

The IDtech Product Canvas and How to Use It

There are many potential uses for verifiable credentials, but oftentimes the examples break down quickly when you start thinking through the details. Our intention is to help people conceptualize the stakeholders needed to make an IDtech product function. Ideally, builders can map out their concept on a single page and easily communicate how it works […]

The IDtech Builder’s Guide

The IDtech Builder's Guide

How to Launch a Verifiable Credentials Startup in 2023 Table of Contents The One Tap Future of Digital Identity Is Coming At Trinsic we believe in a “one tap future” where people can prove statements with a single click of a button and gain access to what they need. Past attempts at this vision have […]

What Is IDtech and Why Does It Matter?


You may have noticed that Trinsic is using the term “IDtech” these days. This post compiles a growing list of pieces we’ve published to illustrate what we mean by IDtech, why it’s important, and how it relates to other terms used in the decentralized identity world. IDtech Is the New Fintech Article in Forbes Link […]