Passkeys, did:web, Ed25519, Wallet Integrations, CHAPI, and More — Recent Product Updates

The past month has been full of product updates and improvements. This blog post will introduce new features like support for passkeys, did:web, Ed25519 signatures, wallet pass integrations and a number of exciting experiments happening in the Trinsic Labs. Passkeys for wallet authentication We’ve added support for passkeys within our wallet infrastructure. Providers can now […]

Trinsic Introduces Interactive Connections in Trinsic Wallet & Platform

As the developer platform for verifiable credentials, Trinsic has focused on abstracting the complexities of advanced open source technologies and protocols away into easy-to-use APIs & SDKs used by hundreds of developers. We’ve also pioneered digital wallets in both technology and user experience, releasing the first wallet to achieve multi-vendor interoperability and introducing the iconic […]

Connectionless SSI—How More Human Workflows Can Be Achieved Without Connections

Note: At Trinsic, we are driven by our passion to make it easy for developers to implement self-sovereign identity (SSI). We cherish feedback and implement new features regularly. We are excited to start providing our community with regular updates on our products and API. Below is the first of many future blog posts that will […]