Do You Need a Blockchain to Build Your IDtech Product?

Showing different DID methods connecting to blockchains or remaining ledger-less

Trinsic’s next generation platform delivers decentralized identity infrastructure that is not tied to a specific ledger. In the world of decentralized identity, this may seem like a surprise, but it’s actually a huge win for product developers. This post will dig into a few reasons why Trinsic went ledger-less by default.  Adoption of Decentralized Identity Is […]

Trinsic Ecosystems Is Now Our Exclusive Platform for New Users

Illustration of a trust ecosystem

Trinsic Ecosystems, the next generation of our full-stack platform for building identity products, is now the default product for new users when you sign up for Trinsic. Since we launched in 2020 with our our v1 platform, Trinsic Core, over 1,000 developers have issued their first verifiable credentials using Trinsic. While we’ve gotten great feedback and solidified […]